"Thank you so much for helping us make my father's visit to Pacific Grove do-able!  He was thrilled to have time in his favorite spot.

Our caregiver was absolutely terrific!  He worked very comfortably and professionally with my father.  Please let him know how much we appreciated him!

Happy New Year!"



"Thanks to Visionary Health Care Services, we know that our loved one is being looked after by individuals who have experience with the elderly.  Their care is kind, patient, and supportive.  They adapt their schedule to meet the needs of my mother-in-law. 

Visionary Health Care Services provides the family with peace of mind knowing that my mother-in-law is being cared for when the family is not there on a daily basis.  Visionary communicates with the family on her changing medical needs.  We also know from personal experience that the professionals at Visionary are just a phone call away if you need their help with your loved one.

With the support of Visionary Health Care Services, we know that our loved one is being monitored by the best.  It is a comforting feeling for all family members involved."



"Thank you for helping with my mom's care!  You offered calm and good judgement to all those involved in the emergency moments.  I wish you and your family the best!"




 "Thanks for the years of care given to my mom.  Her desire was to live in her house 'til the end,' and you helped with that wish.  A very special thank you to our caregiver - she became more than a caregiver, expanding her role to a true friend."




"Thank you for all the great help!"



"I can't thank you enough for your help in caring for my mom. You all were wonderful and the caregiver's extra time with Mom precious."

M & S


"Thanks for the happiness you’ve brought Grandma. Her new home has made a dramatic difference in her spirit and energy. Our whole family is grateful."        



"I would like to say thank you to you and your very able staff for the loving care extended to my mom during her stay at your facility on Lincoln and Seventh in Carmel. During the course that Alzheimer’s Disease took, I noticed that at times she was difficult to handle. Regardless of her behavior, your staff showed patience and concern for her comfort."



"This note is to compliment you and your staff for the outstanding service rendered to our household and particularly to my wife. We are all most appreciative of their professional skills and their loving and caring treatment."



"Thank you for all the help that you gave us in such a difficult time. Your caring and your availability was far beyond the call of duty. You made it so much easier for me and for Dad. When I had dealt with other agencies, I always ended up more frustrated than when I began. You helped me keep Dad at home and that is what we wanted."