About Us

In 1979, struggling with the care choices available to her frail elderly grandmother, Meg Parker Conners and her parents, Dorothy and Sydney Parker, opened the first Victorian Residential Care Home in Pacific Grove.  As a Registered Nurse with a background in critical care and emergency nursing and a love of geriatrics, she created an environment where her grandmother and other residents received the care they needed without sacrificing dignity or comfort.  In the years following, Meg and her parents opened an additional 3 Residential Care Homes in Monterey and Carmel.

They also founded an in-home care company, a Medicare certified home health care agency, a geriatric care management company and a nurses registry, all devoted to providing safe, comfortable and reliable care to the citizens of the Monterey Peninsula.  With the addition of Meg’s daughter, Julie, to the 3rd generation family business, we continue to perfect our skills and services.

In 2013 Meg and Julie decided to change the company name to Visionary Health Care Services to better reflect our desire to become leaders in the field and meet the needs of our clients not just today but into the future.  Visionary Health Care Services is the only company on the Monterey Peninsula that with one phone call is able to provide  the highest level of in-home care, assisted living, care management and/or skilled nursing services.

Our goal is to contribute to the health and well-being of our patients and their families by providing compassionate care, delivered with integrity and sensitivity.

The following values have guided Visionary Health Care Services’ mission since 1979, and are a reflection of the vision and intent of our founders, Meg Parker Conners, RN and her parents Dorothy and Sydney Parker.

Our patient’s needs come first. Always.

We provide personalized care that respects the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient.

We aspire to care for individuals with consideration and empathy to improve their quality of life.

Our team will earn your trust through demonstrated honesty and professionalism.

We collaborate with the patient, doctors, and family/friends to address the well-being of each individual we serve.

Our goal is to always deliver the highest quality and standard of care and service.

It is fundamental that we assess the care needs of the patient today and into the future.