Financial Resources

Finances play a major role in the care and well-being of a loved one.  The stress of worrying about money can adversely affect health.   Our mission to provide the best care service options for non-medical home care includes the consideration of financial matters.

We at Visionary Health Care Services have partnered with Security Financial Advisors, Inc.,, as a referral source for the financial discussions that need to take place to ensure a successful plan of care.

Security Financial Advisors, Inc. serves many communities by working with families in planning for their financial needs.  The company is owned by Cynthia Healy, a Certified Public Accountant, and specializes in finding practical and cost-effective solutions for those individuals who would like to remain in their homes and receive care.

Security Financial Advisors, Inc. will review and discuss the various ways to pay for in-home health care with you and your family.  Please contact Cynthia Healy at 831-655-3716 for more information.